We are a group of radical economists, finance theorists, software architects, game designers, artists, lawyers, peer production experts, programmers, decentralized application engineers - exactly what is needed to reimagine what economic space can be.


Harri Homi

DAO Design

Ana Fradique

Aesthetics engineer

Alpen Sheth

CSO, strategic development

Zachary Larson

Software engineer

Jay Blas Cabrera

Legal engineer

Skye Bougsty-Marshall

Economic space engineer

Erik Bordeleau

Economic space engineer

Andrew Dunscomb


George Samman

Distributed systems & ICO strategic advisor

Laura Lotti

Software & Economic Space Engineer

Joel Mason

Economic Space Engineer


Douglas Rushkoff

Prof. of Digital Economics, CUNY. A leading thinker of distributed economy and digital networks. The author of Throwing Rocks at Google Bus.

Robert Meister

Prof. of Politics, UCSC, Director of the Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism. A key visionary of the organizational potential of finance.

Tom Serres

Founder of, the largest political fundraising platform in the United States, founder and Executive Director of DV Torque, Boston Consulting Groups’ first Startup Studio.

ECSA Exploration

Distributed technology

Ian Grigg

Inventor of new social/financial forms made possible by cryptocurrencies, e.g. the Ricardian Contract as a way to lock legal or prose contract into a digital payments system; triple entry accounting using cryptographically signed instructions to allow safe sharing of relationships, which Bitcoin took to the next level.

George Danezis

Prof. of Security and Privacy Engineering, Head of Information Security Group, University College London. Specialist in anonymity, privacy, distributed and peer-to-peer systems.

Brett Scott

Alternative finance explorer, former derivatives broker, fellow at the Finance Innovation Lab, the author of The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money - a friendly guide to taking on the world’s most powerful system. Blogs at and tweets as @suitpossum.

Heterodox economics

Andrea Fumagalli

Prof. of Economics, Università Bocconi Milan, one of the key thinkers of financialization and Post-Fordist economy.

Carlo Vercellone

Prof. of Economics, Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, famous for the thesis of cognitive capitalism and the theory of the production of commofare.

Hannah Appel

Prof. of Economic Anthropology, UCLA. Specialist in the economic imagination and using tools of critical theory and the anthropology of finance to create new possibilities

Financial technologies

Dick Bryan

Prof. of Political Economy, University of Sydney, the key theorist of derivative value form and its political potential.

Robert Woznitzer

Prof. of Management Communication, NYU, Stern, Cultures of finance, credit instruments and derivatives specialist, with immense understanding of the social and cultural histories of their trading. A founding member of the Cultures of Finance Group at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, a former debt instruments trader at Lehman Brothers and Wells Fargo Capital Markets.

Bill Maurer

Anthropologist of money and finance, leading expert in their technological infrastructures, experimental forms and legal implications. Dean of Social Sciences, UCI; Director of the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion.

Network effects

Tiziana Terranova

Prof. of Sociology, University L'Orientale in Naples, Italy. An author of several books on the digital economy, the economy of attention and new work.

Erin Manning & Brian Massumi

Founders of the SenseLab and the Three Ecologies Institute. Erin is a Prof. of Relational Art and Philosophy at Concordia University. Brian is a Prof. of Communications at University of Montréal, a philosopher of coming politics and forms of collaboration, well-known for his theory of the affect.

Geert Lovink

Director of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, open source and digital economy veteran, author of several ground breaking books.


Patrick Söderlund

Designer of new economic space and affects, one of the key artists working on the future of social and economic structures, co-founder of IC-98 art group.


International artistic initiative and platform for exploring utopian fantasies and the political imaginary in relation to concrete sociopolitical structures and concerns. Emerging from and working in the field of contemporary art, YKON merges the language and approaches of a number of disciplines, such as game design, scenario development, experimental education, dynamic facilitation, social architecture, alternative economies.

Goldin & Senneby

G+S is a collaboration framework, set up by artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, exploring juridical, financial and spatial constructs through notions of the performative and the virtual.


Luciana Parisi

Thinker of algorithmic architectures as constituting modes of thought and behavior. Director of the Digital Culture Unit, Goldsmiths University. Author of Contagious Archtitecture.

Sakari Virkki

Inventor of the Parasite algorithm, CEO at Competence Map Solutions

Erin LeDell

Founder of DataScientific Inc. and Machine Learning Scientist at