Current technology platforms operate in rigid economic space. ECSA is changing that.

We give people the tools to design and launch projects, companies and platforms aligned with their values. All built on Agoric's resilient, distributed next-generation blockchain technology.

Step into New Economic Space

New Economic Space

Just like physical space, we often take for granted the rules and incentives of the economic spaces we inhabit and participate in. Banks, corporations, marketplaces and even social networks are kinds of economic spaces that operate on conventional economic logics of price competition and scarcity. ECSA offers the possibility to change these rules by realigning motivations, distributing equity, designing new forms of social interaction and by creating new economic space itself.

Beyond Blockchain

ECSA is powered by Agoric technology – a next-generation distributed computing, smart contracts platform – that allows for the creation of genuinely decentralized governance. Agoric combines blockchain technology with cryptographic capabilities (e-rights) to generate resilient and interoperable networks, where only the parties to a contract participate in its execution, replication and verification.

The Intentional Economy

ECSA gives individuals, communities, organizations and networks innovative instruments to create new economic incentive structures that match their values and visions. Our tools provide ways to align economic value with social value by incentivizing cooperation and fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. With the ECSA platform, people can build, with other economic spaces, an emergent ecosystem founded on intentions of collaboration, reciprocity and abundance.

Step Beyond Blockchain