Akseli Virtanen

Akseli Virtanen, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Economic Space Agency, Inc. He is a radical finance theorist, born in Finland and currently based in San Francisco Bay Area, where he is working with the ECSA team on organizational and political potentiality of financial technologies and distributed software architectures. Hardcore research background, an author of 8 books on the history and future of economy and finance and the emotional-affective landscape of new work. He is the founder of Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, an algorithm-based activist hedge fund replicating synthetically the emerging conventions of the financial elite at the US stock exchanges, and soon to launch its new version as the HoodNote on Ethereum blockchain (first generation Distributed Equity Note). Family with three boys. Visiting scholar, Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism, UCSC 2014- . Research director, Future Art Base, Aalto University 2010-13, Founder, Robin Hood Asset Management 2012.

Co-Founder, CEO
Email: akseli@ecsa.io
Phone: +1-831-332-7785 (US), +358-50-436-9005 (EU)
Skype: akselivirtanen