Tere Vadén

Tere Vaden, PhD, is a social network, peer production, open source, decentralization and blockchain expert. But he is also a weird geek, because he is so good with people and communication. He earned his doctorate in philosophy in 1996, on the relationship between artificial neural networks and digital computers as models of cognition, as the youngest ever PhD in philosophy in Finland, and has been since then professor in three different disciplines. But at heart he is an organizational activist. Tere’s role in the team is the development of the new social architecture of finance both from the perspective of the users and the open source business model. Family with 2 almost adult children. Founder, PeerFund, 2010; CEO, Robin Hood Asset Management, 2015-.

Co-Founder, COO
Twitter: @tereensio
Email: tere@ecsa.io