Econaut Space Program

Imagine software architects developing distributed computing and smart contract platforms, economic and financial thinkers working through organizational and political potentialities, game designers and social experimenters innovating with form and function, artists experimenting with new economic worlds - all working together on concrete designs and architectures for new economic and social forms. Welcome to Economic Space Agency.

At the moment we are building:


An open source distributed smart contracts technology platform marrying Mark S. Miller's work with reconfigured blockchain technology. With Agoric we can decentralize the application layer and actually design new economic logics, new economic engines, new economic spaces

ECSA platform

Makes Agoric technology usable for people to easily launch, capture and distribute value in the economic spaces they create. ECSA is a platform for the rapid and creative launch of LittleDAOs and their economic and governing logics. In their heart are the immaterial and material systems of attractors that give shape to how people create and interact together. These vibratory organizations are the next generation of peer-to-peer economic-organizational tools being designed and built by ECSA.

Econaut Space Program

We are now calling for the first Econauts, the next generation of explorers, ready to design and build new economic and financial forms: people with an idea or vision for what they want to create, and a sense of innovation and adventure. Econauts will work with ECSA’s extraordinary team and technology to launch their ideas. It’s time to explore.

Rafe Furst

From Finance of Scarcity to Finance of Abundance

Dick Bryan

HouseholdUnion and ECSA

Mark S. Miller

Best of Both Worlds